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cp command, Mac App Store, and read-only?

I've had an app in the Mac App Store for a few years now—including sandboxed versions, but now my update is being rejected because it opens data files within the app's package (in order to copy them to the proper location for data files for sandboxed apps).  Apparently files inside the apps package have to be opened in read-only mode to make the Mac App Store happy.  Here's the location of the data file:

'/Applications/Classroom Quizshow.app/Contents/MacOS/CQdata/Settings Saver.rev~'

I should add that my app is written in LiveCode.  I found the cp command in this forum years ago as an alternative to the revCopyFile LiveCode command, which apparently doesn't work—or didn't back then anyway.  Maybe I should see if LiveCode fixed it.

Is there a way to make the cp command open the files in read-only mode?



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