Interactive (movable/active) cursor and gridlines for Gnuplot

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Interactive (movable/active) cursor and gridlines for Gnuplot

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29 Apr 2010 15:13
Peggy Li

I have been looking for help in this. I am not sure if this is the right place to ask?

I have just downloaded Gnuplot-4.4.0 to replace the older version Gnuplot-4.0 for my MacBook Pro.

With Gnuplot 4.0, when I typed:


gnuplot > plot sin(x)

If I hit the "alt" key + g, then I will get the gridlines in the plot (in the terminal) and a moveable cursor on the plot (in the terminal). If I move around the cursor to a certain position, I can read the x- and y- coordinates precisely.

But now with Gnuplot-4.4.0, when I did same, the gridlines did not come out and the movable cursor also did not come out. My lap top is MacBook Pro.

I tried to search the websites and the instruction manual, but still could not find an answer. I would be greatly appreciated if could give me some advice.

Thank you.

I got some (the following) response to the same question I posted in the source forum

I'm not a mac user. The gnuplot 4.4.0 on windows, pressing "g" (but not use Alt key) on the plot
window makes the plot gridded and moving mouse cursor makes current coordinate changeable, and the
double clicking left button makes the current coordinates to be copied into the clipboard.

The gnuplot-4.4.0 on cygwin, the above operations work in similar way.

The problem seems to be mac specific (only my speculation.)
Please wait until the mac power user will reply to your post.

#2 29 Apr 2010 18:16
Simon Sheppard

This might help ... ?t=800&f=5
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