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Access to Windows SHELL: shortcuts from a Hyperlink

I am just trying to create a word doc that contains a list of the Windows SHELL: shortcuts (eg: shell:profile) with hyperlinks to execute the shortcut that is clicked on (eg: exeplorer.exe shell:profile).  After a bunch of surfing, it appears that this is a security risk and is therefore not allowed.  I did find a post that detailed the creation of a custom URL Protocol like this:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="URL:RunExp Protocol"
"URL Protocol"=""




If this worked, it would not be a good solution as it would not be portable.  However, I did try it in a Hyperlink: RunExp://shell:profile which does start explorer.exe when the link is clicked but it does not seem to do anything with the "shell:profile" target.

Does anyone know how to make the URL Protocol in a Hyperlink work or, better yet, have a good solution for what I am trying to accomplish?


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Re: Access to Windows SHELL: shortcuts from a Hyperlink

Some options for creating shortcuts for these are described at the bottom of this page

To run shortcuts within Microsoft Office I think you will need to write a short macro which calls an external batch file, then you can lower the security settings for macros to allow it to run.
Once you have a macro working it can be attached to a button or whatever within Word.


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