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The Choice command in Windows XP

I suspect this question will probably go unanswered, but I figured I might as well ask...

For some insane reason, Microsoft decided to omit the Choice command from Windows NT/XP. Apparently it was later available in some sort of resource kit, which I don't have.

I did download a Choice command that works on XP, but it uses a slightly different syntax to that of the Choice command in later versions of Windows. I got it from here;


The following works in XP, but not in Win7/8/10;

choice /c1234 Please choose [1-4]: /n

The following works in Win7/8/10, but not XP;

choice /c 1234 /m "Please choose [1-4]:" /n

Is there a version of the Choice command available for XP that will accept the same syntax as used by the Win7/8/10 version?

It would be nice if I didn't have to write two different versions of scripts just to make them compatible across Windows versions.


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Simon Sheppard
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Re: The Choice command in Windows XP

Why not use SET /P instead?

Alternatively detect the OS with the VER command and then run one of the two choice commands.


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