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Long time skulker here

Hi Simon,

I've been quietly browsing the site for years (I'm not much of a poster), its my go to reference for basically any of my general command line needs.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for providing this service, this is what I used when I was younger to make my first batch script and programs. It pretty much introduced me to scripting and I think its pretty safe to say that without this site I would have never realised how much I love coding and making things. And later down the road it ultimately lead me to pursue a career in all this and I have you to thank in part for this.

Thank you for providing all this as a free resource for anyone to use and learn.

I love the layout, the simplicity, the examples and the quotes. This site strikes me as a real labour of love and I hope to keep using it for years to come.




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Re: Long time skulker here

Same here, thanks for keeping up the site!


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