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I need help finishing this script...

This is a script made for a YouTuber (danooct1) and his Viewer Made Malware, this is a VBScript made to trigger while random payloads are triggering. I need a script that will:
1. Delete HKCR
2. Open CD Drive
3. Popup Spam Messages
4. Delete every font
5. after a minute long wait, eject C drive, and restart
Is this possible with VBScript? I'm new to it, and as such, I don't know if I have to move to C++ or C# for the whole virus (this is going to infect random files like calc, notepad, etc)


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Re: I need help finishing this script...

This script is perfectly possible to do in VBS but steps 1 and 4 will give an issue if not running as SYSTEM or an administrator.  They might not even work with administrator Vista+.  If you are wanting to write malware, there are so many more scripts that would actually be useful than a prank script.  Also, to delete fonts, would require you to delete them from %SystemRoot%\Fonts which is a protected directory.  All system files will be replaced if you don't delete the backups within seconds of each other.

Since I am not too familiar with the forum's rules, I will not post the code for this...


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