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Sprite.exe by carlos - a powerful 'add-on' for batch files.

Hi at all!

I have done some test with sprite.exe from carlos.
This is the sequel from my old convertion of 'LickWeed' (note this is not my own animation), but now with colours.

Each frame is converted from original video to .bmp files, then apply a Bit Depth-Size Reduction (BDSR).
Later, these frames are converted each one to .spr format with my own tool (called Chombie[-_-] Color Tool or cct).
A beta stage is found in: 256 to 16 colour with dithers
Also, I have cct coded in C for more speed.

BDSR processing consist:

  1. Extract frames from any video (eg.: ffmpeg -i file.avi -pix_fmt bgr8 -vf Scale=iw/14.4:ih/14.4...).

  2. Convert all frames to spr format -> search for pixel data, compare colours and get the nearest, write to file.

  3. Package all spr files to zip or rar compressed executable.

Now, the demo (LickWeed), uses only bg.exe and sprite.exe, from carlos.

  • Lickweed_color.bat

  • Core\

  • Bg.dll

  • Sprite.dll

  • Stream.adpcm (it just a wav file, IMA-ADPCM codec format.)

  • Graphics.cspr (compressed sprite container)

Lickweed - coloured sphere.




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Re: Sprite.exe by carlos - a powerful 'add-on' for batch files.

just passed to say that this is pretty cool  cool


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Re: Sprite.exe by carlos - a powerful 'add-on' for batch files.

+1 Yes, it is cool!


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