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slow XP network

We have a Point of Sale location running Windows 2000 Server edition (as a center server) and 13 client workstations running XP. They are experiencing frequent lockups on the XP workstations. The "server" and workstations have 100/1000mbs nics, and we've installed a 100/1000 hub (Cat5e wiring). We recently installed the workstations with the new XP image. I've read a lot about the different security levels, firewalls, etc with XP but don't know a lot about it. The lockups tend to occur during heavy traffic times. We have a static IP scheme. Any ideas?


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Simon Sheppard
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Re: slow XP network

A few things to check:
Duplicate IP addresses
Duplicate Machine names
Duplicate SIDs
TCP/IP - http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=315237
BIOS issues - http://cquirke.mvps.org/sp2intel.htm
Lastly I'd recommend you update that server to Win2003, a lot of our problems with XP & networking just went away once the servers were updated.


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Joe G
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Re: slow XP network

cmorrow -- do you have the ip6 protocol installed on these machines?  If so, try not using it and just use the standard IP protocol on these machines.  That should help.  We had a similar issue.


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Re: slow XP network

Also worthwile trying:

- getting a managed switch i.e. one that can do traffic shapping, especially if all users also share internet on the lan

- raid array for faster HDD I/O
- are 13 workstations running in domain or workgroup

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Re: slow XP network

- you can have IP conflicts,
- two SID can be the same on the network
- trouble with computer browser
- overloaded LAN (use some switch monitoring)


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