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jayant sable
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Without Password????????????????//

Why we can't connect with username and without password.
If no password is given to username then why we can't connect only with username
If anyone has answer plz reply me on jayants232@gmail.com


#2 06 Jul 2010 10:20

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Re: Without Password????????????????//

Please try to explain yourself a little better, otherwise people will not know what you're trying to ask.

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#3 09 Jul 2010 21:04

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Re: Without Password????????????????//

He is asking why it is the case that an account without a password cannot connect anywhere remotely, or even be used to start processes with other credentials.

The answer is probably because it makes more sense security-wise. In any case it has little to do with cmd in particular. Its a more general windows feature


#4 09 Jul 2010 22:26

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Re: Without Password????????????????//

I think he is referring to this site... recent changes.

Windows Shell Scripting and InstallShield


#5 12 Jul 2010 20:57

Simon Sheppard
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Re: Without Password????????????????//

OK assuming this is about logging in to the forum, since the recent upgrade the minimum password length is 3 characters.

This is to make it more difficult for troublemakers to take over your account by guessing the password.


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