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Batchville: a New Email Group for the Discussion of All Things Batch

HNY All! smile

On Dec 15th, Verizon shut down Yahoo Groups and took Batch World with it. BW was 20 years old and had over 1500 members. The late great Foxidrive was a regular contributor. sad

I think BW's demise is a shame because it was the only email group devoted to Batch. In an attempt at continuity, I've set up a new group on Groups.io called Batchville. To join, send an email to:


Alternatively, visit the Batchville Home Page, click on the Join This Group button, enter your email address, and then click on the Confirm Email Address button. You will receive an email from Groups.io with a link in it. Click on the link to confirm it's really you, and you will be the newest member of the group!

I look forward to hearing from you! cool

- SB

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