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Getting Started With Windows CMD Shell

Hi everyone,

This is my first post on the forum, and I have been taking a look at the ss64 main site, I currently work as a Desktop Engineer, after primarily working in a hybrid role where I alternated between a Help Desk, and as an on site technician for my organization's Apple computer user base.

However, I am curious about using the command line, and doing more with automation:

Being able to find out who's logged into a particular remote computer on the domain.
Device information such as asset tag, serial number, model of remote computers.
The last reboot of a computer.

Those are just a few, right now though I am looking to get more into automation and learning how to make the least input to get the most output. My plan is to learn other aspects of automation that would also involve things like PowerShell and VB Script, but I have to admit there's a lot of education I will need.

What's a good starting point for me, this site is well laid out, but a lot of this helpful information, I am grasping the difficulty of understanding as a lot of these concepts as this stuff is new to me.


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Re: Getting Started With Windows CMD Shell

Most information about the computer itself can usually be found in either regedit or wmic. If you're doing things with remote computers, you'll probably be using psexec.


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