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rolling back script execution with scriptrunner

scriptrunner is a tool installed by default on windows.
one of its features seems to be really useful  - ability to rollback on error:

ScriptRunner.exe -appvscript cmd "/c" "echo #>C:\#&exit 1"  -appvscriptrunnerparameters -rollbackonerror


ScriptRunner.exe -appvscript cmd "/c" "echo #>E:\scripts\#&exit 1" 

On the first example the file C:\# will be deleted after the scriptrunner is ready. I think it will work also with events or edits in the registry.


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Shadow Thief
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Re: rolling back script execution with scriptrunner

Searching Google for scriptrunner returns three different applications, none of which appear to be this one. Searching for "scriptrunner appvscript" suggests that this is part of Microsoft's https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_App-V application virtualization solution.

I like the idea of sandboxing my scripts, but I'm not really in a situation where I'd need to stream an application from a central server to a bunch of clients.


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Simon Sheppard
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Re: rolling back script execution with scriptrunner

I have added a page for this here:

It does seem a little buggy, if running more than one script the rollback doesnt work.


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