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file counting script


please forgive me so stupid question, but I'm a total noob with powershell. I would like to get familiar with powershell environement, starting with some tasks. My friend gave me such a script to prepare:

- script must check the content (files) on 4 remote machines in my network,
- if the number of files is greater than 4 sctipt should give an outcome od a txt file informing that on this/that machine the limit of files has exceeded,

I've managed to prepare only this:

If ((Get-ChildItem "C:\test\dmp").Count -gt 3){
  Out-file C:\test\dmp\variable.txt

But I did only that on my test computer it works,

I need to put directories/ip adresses of remote machines x,y,z,w
and prepare the quote to inform me that limit has exceeded sad

Can You please help me ?


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