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List of all dirs in Windows Explorer that are open (or "active"?)

I want to create a vbscript that would create a text file list of all the directories in Windows Explorer that are open (or is "active" a better term than "open"?) when I run the script.
It does not absolutely have to be a vbscript.  It could be a DOS command or batch file, or a Python script. 
During my work day, I have Windows Explorer open in 5 to 15 or even 20 directories, which I am keeping open in Windows Explorer to look for info about files, while I am working.
I need the list of those directories, so that when I resume work after rebooting, I will be able to remember to resume searching for relevant files in those directories.
I am unable to remember the list of directories that were open (which I was keeping open to look for info), and I need a programmatic way to save the list.
I have searched for many hours trying to find a way to get a list of those directories programmatically.
I looked at the Nirsoft suite, but could not figure out how to extract that info from the programs in that suite.  (I tried; I apologize for not being smart enough, and for importuning upon your valuable time.)
Any help would be much appreciated.




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