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Great resource but Courier on : #D1D1D1 is hard to read

Great resource but Courier on: #D1D1D1 is hard to read, would you consider using a lighter gray, or bold Courier New?


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Re: Great resource but Courier on : #D1D1D1 is hard to read

I tested SS64 with this checker


and it returns 13.75 : 1 which meets WCAG AAA

I think that many websites indulge in a version of the 'loudness war' where they crank up the contrast as much as possible to try and get noticed, so much that you have to turn the screen brightness down to compensate
So you may find a simple work around is to just turn the monitor brightness back up a bit when viewing SS64.com

In most web browsers, you can also add a client side preference CSS file to set your own fonts / bold etc on a per-site basis:
https://superuser.com/questions/318912/ … ontent-css


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