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Katy Jo Franklin
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Need to know text editors and how they bridge the gap

Helllo to all:

I need help catching up of the technology between 1970s FORTRAN and today's programming programs of SQL and Oracle.

All the books on SQL and Oracle provide the tools to write the statements, what I need is how the text editors interface with the programs.  It is difficult to "just do it without knowing how" when trying to use SQL+.

I ask my instructors and either it is a skill like learning to walk and never thinking how we learned or they do not know how to explain it.

I have followed the link from the website for en. wikiopedia and am in the process of learning as much as I can from there.

Can anyone direct me to website or book that I came access to learn what I need.


Katy Jo :pc: :pc: roll


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Simon Sheppard
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Re: Need to know text editors and how they bridge the gap

Hi Katy welcome to the forum

I've moved this topic to the Oracle forum

This page may help you

You don't mention which OS you are running Oracle on, but everyone has their favourite editors, your instructors are probably just trying to avoid getting into an extended discussion about something thats usually not part of the syllabus.


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