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Soo Thoe See Mun
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Need Assistance On PL/SQL Coding


I'm doing the procurement system and I need to generate a report base on the <request_no> to locate each <order_item> record which had ordered for last two years.

For example:

request_no: REQ10010001
Order Item:

ITEM                                                         Output
=====                                                     =======
1. LAMP PILOT TUBULAR CLEAR E-1          SEP'09 (75 pcs), NOV'09 (50 pcs)
2. LAMP PILOT TUBULAR CLEAR E-2          DEC'08 (16pcs), AUG'09 (12 pcs), OCT'09 (80 pcs)
3. LAMP PILOT TUBULAR CLEAR E-3          SEP'09 (4 pcs)

Note: Generate the output as of today's query date, to locate back the past two years record and count the no. of pieces ordered /per item /per month.

Please advice should I use function or store procedure to return the record?
Please assist to provide the code sample on this for easy reference.

Best regards,


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Simon Sheppard
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Re: Need Assistance On PL/SQL Coding

You haven't provided enough information for anyone to be able to help you with this

Operating system?

Version of Oracle?

Language/tools you are using to write reports?

Structure of the tables/columns ?



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Re: Need Assistance On PL/SQL Coding

Am very new to Oracle. I really need help on the best way to get proficient in the Oracle 10g and 11g,

on both the linux and Windows platform. Do i start from the PL/SQL and to where, am looking for

consistency while learning oracle on both the platforms.

Thank you


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Re: Need Assistance On PL/SQL Coding

What do you mean by "learning Oracle"?  Programming?  Architecting?  Administration?  You need to be more specific.

As for "getting proficient", maybe you could try some hands on with actual Oracle software running on your own equipment along with books and Oracle's excellent documentation.



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