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Norbert Harms
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A new old newbie trying to get going with shell on OS X

First, thanks for this great pro-forum
Second, don't dump me please because I may sound stale to you. I am new to the entire OS x environment, yes, but with your assistance I may as well catch up very quickly. ... OK

I have a brand new IMac 10.6.2 with MAMP installed and try to work with MODx CMF. The problem is, MODx .htaccess files are renamed automatically to ht.access, which is no good. Now I tried to run the  ' mv ' command in Apples terminal but to no avail. I then changed the ' bash ' to ' tcsh ' and it appears worse. Can't even use sudo. The terminal just seem to ... brrrr - freeze, I can't even type anything anymore and need to brutally click the red button to terminate it!

I am very greatful for your help, thanks a 8bn times >:] -


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