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XP DS* commands not covered

I love the site and I've used it many times for my XP batch files.

I hate to be a kill-joy but the commands for the DS* control set are basically missing - DSQUERY (not covered), DSGET (not mentioned), DSMOD (barely covered), DSADD (barely covered), DSMOVE (not mentioned), DSRM (not covered).

As a net-admin, I rely on this set of tools to create/move/remove/check literally hundreds of AD accounts each semester. Using batch files rather than WSH or some other code makes it easy to read and troubleshoot (for other admins) in case something goes wrong.

I'd like to see these tools added to your site. I'm willing to help out with this, as I've had to work through some of the gotchas and could provide some real-world insite on how to use them.



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Simon Sheppard
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Re: XP DS* commands not covered

Thanks for the reminder about this, I will get these added as soon as I get time in January


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