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Linux Based One Laptop per Child XO Computer

Hello: I obtained two XO computers through the Get One Give One program. These are well built all solid state machines. They use a Linux based OS called Sugar, although they say plans are in the works for a more familiar OS or at least a GUI like Gnome. You can find out more by visiting www.laptop.org and www.sugarlabs.org. (among numerous other forums, blogs, etc. devoted to this system)

The XO comes with a Terminal "Activity" (their term for program or application) which has many of the basic commands. I found though that nothing worked according to this SS64 Command Man/Help/Info description under GNU/Bash tab :wall:. This omission was probably to save memory. I could, for instance, get help on cd (an "internal" command) but nothing on ls (an "external" command). These categories can be frustrating :pc:.

I am a LINUX newbie, so am slowly learning the commands. I find the straightforward style in the "Command line reference: Database and Operating Systems" of  each command listed in alphabetical order helpful. Not having a photographic memory i find it very valuable to print each page with a command i am learning. This is probably the most understandable reference/tutorial i have found. 

Does anybody else have an XO computer? Would it be worthwhile to list the external and internal commands available, perhaps on an XO tab? wink


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