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This looks like a promising cure for my ignorance

Hello: I hope that i am posting a new topic. From what i have seen this site may help me understand linux commands and syntax. I have been using Macintosh for many years. We get spoiled by not having to worry about concepts like "Path" when negotiating the system. Also as one UNIX user in a Technical Writing group lamented "It's like magic; i can't control anything".

The versions of OSX are probably the best implementation of Unix/Linux around. I am also in a Linux User's Group. Our leader is very knowledgeable and has memorized all the various commands, etc. Eyes glaze over after about an hour big_smile. The reason i need to know much more about Linux is because last year I "bought/donated" to the One Laptop Per Child program-twice. So i have two OLPC XO computers.

I'm OK in running the built in Activities (Applications) but when it comes to using the Terminal i am lost unless i have a step-by-step recipe.

First off, because of before mentioned "path" inexperience i am easily lost. :pc:  Currently i have managed through following instructions to install Opera 9.52 which makes them usable for browsing and mail. Thanks for a good site. Needless to say i use Mac OS (10.4.11) to read and contribute.

I will have to print things i am interested in following up (poor short-term memory at 79) but otherwise i think i will learn to get some use out of the Terminal/Console features that are provided and do better show and tells on these little computers :clap:

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