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Is it possible to put your bash codes on my website?

I wanted to ask if i can use the bash codes on http://ss64.com/bash
Though i am very interested in using it, i can not pay. Only thing i could do where to put a BIG link over and under the definitions...

I wanted to put it on   programmierer.weebly.com  , my programming website for german speakers (didn't yet have the time to make an english website).

It would be very nice if you would allow me to post it on my website!!!



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Simon Sheppard
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Re: Is it possible to put your bash codes on my website?

The linux bash stuff is gpl open source and you can basically do what you like with it.

That said, I'm not too keen on encouraging lots of mirror sites across the net because 1) they are never kept up-to-date with changes and updates and 2) duplicate content lowers the google ranking making it less likely people will find the site when searching.

General terms of use are here

Something a number of people have done which works well is to just save the main command list (in any web browser - File, Save as) that gives you an HTML page with all the links back to ss64.com - that way you wont miss out on any future corrections to the detail pages.




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