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How to set a choice delay to less than a second

Hello, I am developing a batch game called SpaceRun, and I am using the choice command for keyboard handling, like this:

choice /c NMZQ /t 1 /d Z >nul
set key=%errorlevel%
if %key% equ 1 set /a position=position-1& set /a fuel=fuel-1
if %key% equ 2 set /a position=position+1& set /a fuel=fuel-1
if %key% equ 4 goto :menu

As you can see, N and M are moving the spaceship, 4 is used to back to the main menu, and, if the player do not press any key during a second, the Z key is virtually pressed, and the game continues without moving the spaceship. But, waiting whole second per frame is making the game too slow. Is it possible to set a choice delay to smaller value (but not to zero)?


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Re: How to set a choice delay to less than a second

The approach your taking is not supported by batch syntax, however, Dave Benham has developed a pure batch method of taking non blocking input for his snake.bat game.

Alternatively, Aacini's getKey.exe is a very easy to use external for taking input in a way that supports a high frame rate.

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