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c:\> /c/windows/system32/gnu/umount /a/main-backup

Hello, world.
The topic of safely removing one's sticks is a sensitive one; however as a GNU-Linux fanboy I have to do this--I can't just pull out! For, as much as I applaud the marvel that is the GNU-Linux NTFS driver, it doesn't try to do magic in between the lines (in spare time that it creates for itself--one of the failings of Linux is that it doesn't create spare time for itself).
I'm such a dirty fsck, aren't I?
c:\> rem To cut a long story short, does anyone know what API call does the same thing as "safely remove"?
c:\> rem *Hugs* (but no kissing)
c:\> @echo ... Brian Jonnes (Kill the World Koh Czah)!


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