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Is code snippet licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA too?

I'm using code in https hmm/ss64.com/ps/syntax-elevate.html but I'm worried if the derivative work must be licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA as well


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Simon Sheppard
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Re: Is code snippet licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA too?

Hi there, the only reason everything on SS64 is CC-BY-NC-SA rather than 'public domain' is to prevent someone from copying the entire website, changing a few details and then registering it as their copyright.

A lot of the code snippets and samples on SS64 are so simple and basic that once taken out of context of the whole website, the copyright issue is kind of moot.

Im not an expert on copyright issues, but my understanding is that theres a difference between claiming copyright (you can claim copyright on just about anything) and legally defending a copyright claim in court (which requires a higher bar and evidence of "originality").

So a one-liner which copies some files or elevates an executable, is unlikely on its own to be protected copyright code, that would be like a musician copyrighting the 'D chord' and preventing any other musician from using it.

Copyright does not protect names, titles, slogans, or short phrases. I think an OS command and it's syntax probably falls under this.

Once you get into something like a script which loops through a set of files and then runs an elevated command against each one, thats likely enough for the work to be considered "original" and thus copyrightable.

When looking at an entire website there is also the concept of 'Database Rights' which applies to a collection of related data items.

Hope that helps.



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