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MSTSC command line switches

As a frequent user of SS64, I was looking for a way to get access to remote users screens. You know, corona virus and remote workers; most people working at home use Remote Desktop to control their pc at the office. There seemed to be no way to look alongside with Remote Desktop, so I tried things like TeamViewer. That doesn't work due to firewall settings. Did some searching and discovered it's been right under my nose all those years(?). Remote Desktop has a shadow option, among others. Now SS64 has a section dedicated to MSTSC (ss64.com/nt/mstsc.html) but it doesn't list all possible options, which can be found at winaero.com/blog/mstsc-exe-command-line-arguments/

Don't know if these options have always been around or if they are new with Windows 10... But the Shadow option is really handy!


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Re: MSTSC command line switches

Good spot, I have updated that page now. I think it still had the Windows 7/Vista syntax.



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