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MsDos Start command memory allocation - Windows 7

Does anyone know how to get the max memory allocation for a launched/started .exe program - via the Start command, in a MSDos batch file?

I have a program - an editor, that I would like to edit several files in different instances.... I put several Start commands in a batch file to start it... but the memory seems small compared to starting it up from the task bar. For example, a different C++ program has difficulty in doing enum to the child windows in the Started versions...

This is in Windows 7.

Right now, it's basically the plain vanilla Start, with /RealTime and Cmd /c thrown in... ( CMD /c closes the interim MSDos window after the program starts). One example is here:

Start "d:\Nts\FFSFiles" /D D:\Util\KeditW\Mcrs  /RealTime CMD /c ^
           d:\Util\KeditW\keditw32.exe dir d:\Nts\FFSFiles\*.* (Profile d:\Util\Keditw\Mcrs\winprof.kex Macropath d:\Util\Keditw\Mcrs

Thank You.


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