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Georgian (ka-GE) locale information on "Windows Locales" page


It would be nice if you add Georgian locale information to "Windows Locales" page: ss64.com/locale.html

Name: Georgian
Short string: ka
Decimal value: 55
Hexadecimal value: 0×37

Name: Georgian (Georgia)
Short string: ka-GE
Decimal value: 1079
Hexadecimal value: 0×437

You can verify information here: msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/dd318693(v=vs.85).aspx

Thank you.


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Re: Georgian (ka-GE) locale information on "Windows Locales" page

Better do the other 668 locales while you’re at it, Mr. Sheppard.

Hmm, a great PowerShell opportunity. cool

	[cultureinfo]::GetCultures('NeutralCultures,SpecificCultures') |
		select DisplayName, IetfLanguageTag, @{l='LCID (Hex)';e={'0x{0:X}' -f $_.LCID}}, LCID |
		sort DisplayName |
		% {
			"`t`t<th>Locale description</th>"
			"`t`t<th>Short string</th>"
			"`t`t<th>Hexadecimal value</th>"
			"`t`t<th>Decimal value</th>"
		} {
			"`t`t<td>$($_.'LCID (Hex)')</td>"
		} {
) | Out-File C:\Users\$env:Username\Desktop\locales.txt

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Re: Georgian (ka-GE) locale information on "Windows Locales" page

OK I have updated the page now, thanks Pyprohly very nicely done.


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