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start command overridden by batch file of same name?

We have an installation script which has, for years, used "start /wait [executable] /S" to run the pre-packaged installer without prompts.  This has allowed us to push the software via a nightly script and check its version history, etc.

Sometime between August and this week the behavior of the start command has changed.  We found this out because part of this software we have pushed out includes a file called "start.bat", and when the installer script issues the "start /wait [executable] /S" command it's actually begun calling the start.bat file instead.  I've worked around it by renaming the start.bat to _start.bat, but copying it post-install without the leading underscore.

Is this expected behavior of the start command?  and if so, why has it worked until now?  Thank you for any assistance you might be able to provide.


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