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Simon Sheppard
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A few design changes for the SS64 website

Over the last few days I have made a few changes to the website. I'm not pushing these out agressively, so you may need to do a hard refresh (Ctrl F5) to make your browser pick up the new CSS.
All of these changes are aimed at making the site work a bit better on tablets or smaller mobile devices.

When loaded on a mobile device, all pages should now size themselves to the width of the device, in some cases a long syntax string will still be wider than can comfortably fit on a small screen, but most of the time it should be better than the previous fixed width layout.

The navigation now has more subtle hover colours to fit in with the grey theme.
The home page navigation buttons will now wrap to fit better on small screens.

The search box has a few changes to display better on Google chrome. I have removed the 'Search' text because I figured it should be pretty obvious what the box is for, particularly for a technical audience.

On the home page, the search box now has focus making it faster to search for something.


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