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Powershell terms column centered

In the Powershell section, the column with the terms/commands is set to centered paragraph formatting rather than left side alignment. It makes it harder to scan through looking for the term you want. It looks like all the other databases have this column left-aligned.


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Simon Sheppard
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Re: Powershell terms column centered

The reason that the indentation on the PowerShell page is a little irregular is that PowerShell cmdlets consist of a Verb-Noun e.g. Get-Eventlog
There are only a few common verbs Get-, Set-, New-, Remove- etc so it makes sense to list things in A-Z order by the noun. That in turn makes the indentation untidy because the Verbs are all different lengths.
A further complication is that all cmdlets have aliases, such as DIR for Get-ChildItem, which you might reasonably expect to find under D.

So yes it isn't perfect but is done that way for a reason, if you still struggle to find things, use the search.


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