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MacOSX Safari download-button: display-width ?

Hi, I was so impressed by this site's "Secret preference settings" list that I timidly dare to ask one or two questions regarding changes in MacOSX's UI (El Capitan, 10.11 and Tiger, 10.4.11).

ONE  When I download files from otrkey-services their names usually are rather long and cryptic.
So the decisive parts (eg: "S03E14") are often hidden in the download-buttons "popup-menu" between "[part.1] ... [part.2]" in those "middle dots".
(It's inconvenient to look into my download folder which download in a series has already been started...)

-- How can the maximum width of the download-list-"popup-menu" be enlarged?
(Either a command line hint OR the name of a relevant plist file would be great!)

TWO  I also own a cute oldie iBook-G3 with max OS 10.4.11. Its display size is so limited that I'd like to save space by:
A...   "Compressing" Finder's windows separate titlebar and toolbar into one line, side by side, like I can see it just now in Safari.
B...   I'd like to change the background (color) of Finder windows' sidebar to grey, preferable without any box around it.

-- Does anybody know where these changes could be done?  (Just applying a new theme doesn't answer A & B above ...)

I hope there's someone here who's had similar problems and may give me some hint or help.
Thanx a lot for this great site, anyway, even if my questions can't be answered !!!


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