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Why not ip, ss, and mkfifo

Although I've been mucking around for a long time, I'd say that I'm still very new to Linux.

However, I read recently that `ifconfig` was deprecated and `ip` was preferred
  source:cyberciti.biz directory:faq file:linux-ip-command-examples-usage-syntax/

Also, I read about some other interesting commands that seem fundamental; `ss` and `mkfifo`
  source:cyberciti.biz directory:tips file:linux-investigate-sockets-network-connections.html
  source: en.wikipedia.org directory:wiki file:Named_pipe

Do you think it would be good to include these commands, or are they beyond the scope of this tutorial / not good for other reasons?



PS: Sorry about the obnoxious URL specification, but I can't post links.  Also, it would have been easier to read if I could have show `code` inline like on github (or at least in fixed width font), rather than forcing code to be a new block like this.


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Re: Why not ip, ss, and mkfifo

Good idea I'll try and add pages for these over the next few days.

I've promoted you to member so you should be able to post links now.


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