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An advance of my 'Chombie[-_-]' and 'Origami File System[~_~]' Engines

How works Chombie[-_-]?

First, is needed a mp4 or any movie file
Second, is required a frame extractor in .jpg format, like ffmpeg
Third, is required a jpg to ascii converter, like jp2a

The procediment is:

Load video file -> extract frames -> save as jpg files -> convert to ascii art -> package the frames converted to ascii art -> create an automatized unpacker -> save in a temporal folder -> Play frame sequence with 'Type' command.

For get audio from movie file:
Load video file -> extract audio -> save as mp3 or ogg -> play in background.

How works Origami File System[~_~]?

It's more complex than Chombie[-_-], excepts, this is for package binary files in a Batch File.
This consist in:

Batch File __>  Code and data program.
            \__>  Binary code for external programs or packages

Now, the structure:

,;=@echo off
,;=FindStr /V /B ",;=" "%~0" > TempFile.tmp
,;=Rem Start Of Binary data
MZP      ÿÿ  ¸       @                                     º ´	Í!¸LÍ!This program must be run under Win32

When command console reads the batch file, read it entirely, doing slower the real time execution, for solve it, is required a for loop after set all globals vars:

,;=Set foo=lol
,;=Set foo1=hongo.ogg

,;=For %%` in (1) do (

When the package is a self-extracting, code changes a bit:

,;=FindStr /V /B ",;=" "%~0" > %Tmp%\TempFile.bin
,;=Cd %tmp%
,;=TempFile.bin >Nul 2>Nul
,;=Rem (Now, you can use all contents of your package included in batch file

At now, Origami File System[~_~] is already in alpha stage, so that have bugs.

* Can protect unauthorized edit
* Can handle files more than 10MB.
* Very faster dump.
* Batch files more simplified.
* Works on Windows 7 and Windows XP, both x86 (32) and x64 (64) bits.

* Cannot edit directly the source code.
* Cannot handle call and goto commands.
* You need use macros if you need remplace the call and goto commands.
* Sometimes, requires much time to init.

First demo using the abovenamed engine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMOyTB8BVz4
Some demos:
Winter Gold: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7FaEzNF970
Bad Apple: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGLfm7BMorQ
High Hopes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuYaYGNtrd0

When is open the batch file, reads only data with ',;=' strings, these strings are ignored by command console, but not the commands after these strings.
Findstr finds any text line without ',;=' strings at start of line, then dump data to text file or any data container.
Cannot be edited directly the source code with any text editor, due to special chars, like NUL, CR, LF, etc. (with exception on edit with Notepad++)

Any suggestions and/or comments are welcome cool

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Re: An advance of my 'Chombie[-_-]' and 'Origami File System[~_~]' Engines

can you give a link?

Thanks smile


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