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Simon Sheppard
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Post your favourite Oracle utilities

You've probably already seen my list of handy utilities ( http://ss64.com/links/oralinks.html ) but I thought I'd start a thread where you can post links to any other tools you find useful..


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Anand Kumar
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Re: Post your favourite Oracle utilities


I would like to introduce Oracle (10g) Data Archiving. Oracle data archiving is an efficient solution to enhance application performance through smaller production database sizes, shorter backup and recovery times, reduced labor costs to maintain the production system and lower storage costs. For more information visit http://www.solix.com/oracle_data_archiving.htm.


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Re: Post your favourite Oracle utilities

For beginners it is probably worth mentioning Oracle SQL Developer (http://www.oracle.com/technology/produc … index.html)

It's nice because it is free.  It certainly is no TOAD, but again, its free.


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Tux me
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Re: Post your favourite Oracle utilities

Well it's not really a utility but i still think thet the Oracle by example (OBE) i a nice site.

http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=447 … 46130:::::

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Re: Post your favourite Oracle utilities


The DBA Suite is a little pricey, but it is an essential program for any professional DBA.  I prefer it hands down over any other similar tool because it does not take you too far from the nuts and bolts.  If my company did not provide it, I would buy my own copy.  Even at $9K for the RAC edition, it is well worth the money.  (Free is good when you can get what you need, but sometimes you have to pay the big bucks.)


Here's another important utility.  When you work on a DBA team that manages more than 500 separate databases, scripting is definitely your friend.  Forget the GUIs.  When it comes to getting things done repeatedly and reliably, SQLPlus makes it all happen.


That's right!  This is a great Oracle utility because it can be used to produce powerful administrative applications that are both efficient and elegant.  I wouldn't use any other shell.  Well...ahem...except CMD on Windows--which is actually surprisingly useful too.

Plus, I LOVE the way Oracle works on Windows.  When you shutdown a database remotely on *NIX, you cannot restart it remotely.  You have to login (SSH) to the server and bring it up there.  (Anyone know if there is a trick here that I'm missing?)  On Windows, the Oracle process continues running after a shutdown because it is maintained as a Windows Service.  So, if I need to stop a database that is on the other side of the world where I have no O/S access, I can restart it without needing local touch labor.  Very helpful!



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