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jayakumar. B
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Repair filesystem

How do I edit fstab when at rhel5 "Repair filesystem" prompt?   

how to soleve the problem ,, if ther is any cmd to solve the repiar filesystem in linux


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Re: Repair filesystem

you need to break up your questions into individual parts.
a prompt is like someone of the opposite sex looking at you, they need a reply. or the computer prompt needs a reply.
playing the bash flute requires a combination of knowing in commands and operators to place the intended solution to the inquiry into a file written by seed, gawk or ? all wrapped up in a command line syntax with commands arguments or options and files paths or in a C shell.
purchase books that have to do with bash. look in g search / books and search in the front of the book 'Contents' if available and comb over the Contents in several books and find similarities.
Internet search what is found in the contents.
look at the landscape.
read books with common commands available in bash while eating lunch and breakfast.
there are a myriad of word combos of bash, linux bash, windows bash, mac bash.
followed by the command or word in question. there is a book somewhere just on g searching.
learn regular expressions.
have a good day.

the subtle taste of silence


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Re: Repair filesystem

Would have to mount the file system r/w. Since rhel uses logical volumes something like  vgscan "mount /dev/<vgname>/<lvname> <mountpoint>")


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Re: Repair filesystem

first mount the  partition in seprate home directory
then apply the filesystem in your hardware partition


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