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powershell file syncronization

Hi all,

I am currently using winscp on a scheduled task, but due to server 2008 allowing interacting with the desktop, it is extremely hard to troubleshoot what happens during a failure. 

I am left with very few options to sync files from a remote server to the local server.  I have seen several scripts available, but did not know which would be best.  I have also seen where the syncframework should be installed.  If i have to install something else, this is not a great deal, but I am looking for the most time efficient way of syncing files by creating a secure session with the remote host, comparing the files and retrieving the latest. 

Any help is appreciated.




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Re: powershell file syncronization

I've been working on this script, it does what I want (to a point), but I had trouble making the output behave correctly so have had to frig it such that I'm generating the CSV myself, rather than using Export-Csv


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