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New Newbie - Do I ask too much, more than a lot?

I heard about this "thing" called PowerShell and was hoping I could use this tool to debug other programs while they are running. 

In particular, how can I (or is it just "Can I"?) use PowerShell to query variables or objects in a VBA project w(hile it is running a user form interface)?  For me, this could be useful because I find debugging my VBA project to be painful, given that everything must be displayed within one darned overall window.  I hate that!  Maybe I am ignorant of known VBA IDE techniques that open the IDE in multiple windows, but I know of none.  I would prefer to be able to use a second window, thus my particular interest in PowerShell.  Regardless, can PowerShell be easily used to access variables or other objects of a VBA project?

Thank you so much (only if you help, of course  big_smile).  I would spend 10 hours learning PowerShell for my purposes, but I don't want to forge ahead, only to find out it can't do things for which I had envisioned using it.  Other helplful sugesstions are welcome, but please no insults.  If this stuff is TRULY covered in an FAQ, I can handle that, too.  Ideally, just an example or two would probably get me on my way, like a command to access my userform properties, or a variable value within a particular function or procedure.


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Simon Sheppard
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Re: New Newbie - Do I ask too much, more than a lot?

You can call a powershell script from VBA and you can write powershell scripts that drive MS Office, but being primarliy command line I don't think powershell is going to interact with the MS Office VBA IDE in any useful way.


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