Edit a Windows 11 setting using batch

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Edit a Windows 11 setting using batch

Post by AmNotAGoose »

How do I edit a Windows 11 setting using a batch script?

For example:
If I wanted to edit the touchpad setting to "most sensitive": https://imgur.com/8ZjAWYW
... what the batch script look like?
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Simon Sheppard
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Re: Edit a Windows 11 setting using batch

Post by Simon Sheppard »

Most of these settings can be found in the registry


32-Bit DWORD value AAPThreshold.
0 = Most sensitive
1 = High sensitivity
2 = Medium sensitivity (default)
3 = Low sensitivity

So first I would look at that in regedit before and after manually changing the value to be sure which number you need.

Then write a one line script with REG.exe to set the value you want.

If you are doing this for multiple machines, there is very likely a Group Policy setting which will do the same thing.
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