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Mac commands to create/make UnDeletable and SuperHidden File/Directory

Posted: 2021-Jul-25, 1:00 pm
by MigrationUser
07 Oct 2011 12:06


I need to create an UN-deletable file/Directory in Mac OS using Terminal commands. I used chflags, sudo commands but it doesn't meet my requirement. For your information, in Windows we achieve this concept using attrib, cacls commands.

In Windows,

For Super Hidden concept: attrib (file or directory path) +S +H

For UN-deletable concept: cacls (file or directory path) /e /c /d %username%

Similar than i need Mac commands to achieve the Supper hidden and UN-deletable concept. if it possible kindly send me the details, thanks in advance..!:)


#2 09 Oct 2011 12:06
Simon Sheppard

Look at the chmod ACL options


#3 10 Oct 2011 09:06

Thanks for your reply Simon Sheppard. I'm new to Mac platform. I already reviewed this page, but i can't understand, in which of these commands i use to achieve my need.