[Bash] Convert Octal to Decimal or Hex

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[Bash] Convert Octal to Decimal or Hex

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02 Jan 2012 17:32

Hi guys. Ive started with bash some months ago and i wrote some useful Programs tongue

So here is what i need:

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printf "%x\n" DECIMALNUMBER Converts from decimal to hex
printf "%d\n" HEXNUMBER Converts from hex to Decimal

printf "%o\n" DECIMALNUMBER Converts from Decimal to OCTAL
printf "%o\n" HEXNUMBER Converts from Hex to OCTAL
My Question:

what is the command to convert FROM OCTAL to Decimal or Hex

Thank you


#2 02 Jan 2012 23:55
Simon Sheppard

Just prefix the number with 0 (Zero), that will indicate to bash that its an octal number.

I've added an example to the page:

#3 03 Jan 2012 16:13

awesome man! you are great
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