A question about bless command!!!

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A question about bless command!!!

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When searching on the internet about bless command, I found this forum. I kindly request your help about my issue.

Not having any information about this command, I used that command while trying to install macfuse program, a program that helps writing into ntfs on mac. Now, I am having trouble installing any operating system on my brand-new ssd disk.

The command that I use was nearly this command:
sudo bless --folder /Volumes/Perry1/Perry/System/Library/CoreServices --bootefi --create-snapshot

Because of wrong usage of this command, do you think that I can have such problem. I don't know for what this command is used and I think like bootefi of my ssd disk is harmed.

Diskpart clean command, samsung magician secure erase or dd command on mac os didn't help installing operating system on my computer.

I will be appreciated if you help.

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