Retrieve variable from text file

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Retrieve variable from text file

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01 Jan 2014 10:50

I have a text file which contains some data which I need to put into a variable in powershell

i just want to create two variables, which are pulled from the text file, _admin_0_name and _admin_0_pass


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Here is my attempt


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$invocation = (Get-Variable MyInvocation).Value
$directorypath = Split-Path $invocation.MyCommand.Path
$settingspath = $directorypath + '\*.profile'

# retrieve variables from a file
$profile = get-content $settingspath
$username = $profile | select-string '_admin_0_name' | %{$_.line.split('=')}
$password = $profile | select-string '_admin_0_pass' | %{$_.line.split('=')}

echo $username
echo $password

if($password) {            
    Write-Host "string is not empty"            
} else {            
    Write-Host "String is EMPTY or NULL"            
The problem is that $password is not an empty string because i think it is an array.

If it possible to simply get these values without creating an array, and check for blank value of password?


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#04 Jan 2014 03:48

I see no-one has answered this yet...

Any other forum I could ask at you suggest?

cmd, vbs, ps, bash
autoit, python, swift


#04 Jan 2014 04:28


#04 Jan 2014 17:48
Simon Sheppard

How about this

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$file = get-content DATAFILE.txt
$file | foreach {
  $items = $_.split("=")
  if ($items[0] -eq "_admin_0_name"){$username = $items[1]}
  if ($items[0] -eq "_admin_0_pass"){$password = $items[1]}

Echo $username  $password

If ($password -eq "") {Echo 'password missing!'}

#14 Jan 2014 05:04

Hello Simon.

Thanks for your reply. That worked for me. I'm having trouble with the basics of powershell scripting, but this worked for a Windows 8.1 project I am working on, as autoit and psexec was not able to runas another user.
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