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Function Message Box

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29 Jul 2011 10:43

Im looking to get a message box similar to the yes/no function but it has an 'ON' button and an 'OFF' button.

can anyone help please?
Sorry i dont have much experience with message boxes.




#2 01 Jul 2012 06:03

Re: Function Message Box

I believe the script you have entered was invalid tongue
Lucky I can help you, a script I made about one year ago, was never posted.
What it does is, it helps you through creating a VBS script msgbox. Heres the download link, just uploaded now, hope you enjoy. Just open, input "1" press enter and follow the steps.
Download application name: VBS Maker by Dylan (iiNzTicTx)
Download size: 33KB
Download link: ... icTx_.html


#3 01 Jul 2012 23:22

Or just insert this into notepad:

Code: Select all

to add a notification icon here are the codes:
16 - circle red box with cross
32 - bubble with question mark
48 - warning icon
64 - bubble with !
Button codes:
0 - Ok button by itself
1 - Ok,cancel
2 - abort, retry, ignore
3 - Yes, no ,cancel
4 - Yes,no
5 - retry,cancel
the messagebox goes:

Code: Select all

for a messagebox with the bubble question mark and Yes/No buttons:

Code: Select all

Note: You add the button code and the icon code together to one number.

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