VBScript deprecation

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VBScript deprecation

Post by JoeC4281 »

At the bottom the SS64 VBScript page, it says that VBScript is being deprecated.
Ref: https://ss64.com/vb/

I have amassed a large number of .vbs/.wsh./.wsc/.hta files over the years.

I am a retired senior, and the VBScript files are for my own personal use.

My main IDE has been the VBSEdit editor/debugger/compiler,
which also generates .EXEs for .vbs and .hta files.
Ref: https://www.vbsedit.com/

I have created and use a plugin for TCC called ActiveScript,
which allows me to run VBScript from TCC.
Ref: https://www.jpsoft.com/forums/threads/a ... ipt.11353/
Ref: https://github.com/JoeC4281/ActiveScript

I wrote the ActiveScript plugin for TCC using PureBasic.
Ref: https://www.purebasic.fr/english/viewto ... 090cf6ad3b

If I can still run my VBScript code via my ActiveScript plugin from TCC,
once VBScript has been deprecated,
then I have no issues about VBScript deprecation.

The IActiveScript COM interface has not been deprecated, AFAIK.
https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/dotne ... iosdk-2019

I could still run VBScript on Windows XP via VirtualBox,
or via Wine, since there is a clone of VBScript for that platform.
Ref: https://github.com/wine-mirror/wine/blo ... vbscript.c

My question is,
will I still be able to run my .vbs/.wsh./.wsc/.hta files via my ActiveScript interface on Windows 10,
once VBScript has been removed from a future version of Windows,
or should I look at a port of a VBScript clone for Windows 10?

I do have the install file (scripten.exe) to install VBScript on Windows 10 when it disappears,
but who knows if Microsoft will allow the installation.

removal of VBScript is probably several years away yet,
so just preparing.

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Simon Sheppard
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Re: VBScript deprecation

Post by Simon Sheppard »

The latest version as of today is 5.812 (November 2023)
main files:


Currently you can download this: Windows Script 5.7 for Windows XP which although for XP may well install on later OS's, I expect it is 32 bit only.
VBScript 5.8 was first supplied with Internet Explorer 8 or with a cumulative update in 2014. Older copies of Microsoft Office also bundle early (buggy) copies of VBScript.
who knows if Microsoft will allow the installation
Most likely there will be a security update which removes the files, so you will need to block that specific update to prevent it. This of course leaves the machine vulnerable to future VBScript issues.

The problem as always is getting security updates, when support ends, you should be able to copy patched versions of those update files from Windows Server, but I think that after about 2028 it will be an uphill battle keeping VBScript running on a Windows workstation – time to learn PowerShell!
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