Mobile 20 not working

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Mobile 20 not working

Post by elzopi »

Great job Simon!

I have unsuccessfully tried your 20 byte mobile section of ss64, it looks amazing, but does not render a password, the old version did work great.

I have tried multiple devices and browsers to no avail.

Happy Holidays!
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Simon Sheppard
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Re: Mobile 20 not working

Post by Simon Sheppard »

Hi elzopi

In the mobile version you now have to type at least 8 characters of the main password.

Using a very short password in the non-mobile version will throw a warning but still generate a password.
This change is to discourage insecure very short main passwords.

If you really want the old behaviour, I have not yet updated the zipped/offline version to match, but I will be in the new year.

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