quick check of the new things on win11..

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quick check of the new things on win11..

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A new environment varible: ZES_ENABLE_SYSMAN - on the system I'm checking it is set to 1

https://spec.oneapi.io/level-zero/lates ... /PROG.html

Bootim - recovery tool but I think it is only UI - https://www.drware.com/windows-recovery ... explained/

CheckNetIsolation - From what I see is used for checking network traffic in container apps (I suppose W11 is more containers friendly).

DSREGCMD - has new switches - /cleanupaccounts ; /leave ; /listaccounts

MBR2GPT has new switches

powercfg has new switches - /pxml ,/availablesleepstates

Robocopy has additional "remarks" message in the help

wsl command (windows subsistems for linux) is now installed by default. May be the most important thing.

wpr is with reduced capabilities

stordiag has less capabilities

refsutil - some tool for managing boot sectors

spaceutl - space and storage managment. Its switches look like powershell cmd-lets.
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Re: quick check of the new things on win11..

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Thanks for this npocmaka , Windows subsystems for linux is a bit of a surprise, a few years ago it looked like they were just going to drop that.
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