WINGET is online and working

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WINGET is online and working

Post by audiogalaxy »

since win10 21H2 wniget is updated and working, there are some other commands besides the ones I read here ... try them :)
I installed and updated (upgraded) ccleaner, whatsapp and telegram desktop, lots of some other software, drivers, and uninstalled a bunch of "xbox" things

there are also import/export commands using JSON , and the first use I see is a backup for a single machine to export and re-import in case of reinstall (domestic use, very small businesses ... )

list could also be an useful inventory trick ...
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Re: WINGET is online and working

Post by lazna »

Interesting, thanks.

Read a bit about, but is wide topic. As I am a creator of redistributable batch script included some supporting binaries and HTA help file. Now its downloadable in privat network as a single zip file, install is a manual job (open archive, choose target dir and decompress including directory structure, create shortcut to desktop).

As far as I understand, winget work only with MS Store, am I right? Or is possible to have custom repository somewhere? What language is used to package winget creation (my limit is 'batch files only')? Is this tool suitable for my case at all?
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