DELTREE is NOT a command!

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DELTREE is NOT a command!

Post by Aacini »

I am creating a Windows-DOS command reference and reviewed this site to complete it. In the categorized list of Windows CMD commands I see "DELTREE" command that I didn't knew. However, when I open it, I realized that the help page is the same of DEL commmand, but the description includes (DELTREE) enclosed in parens after the /S switch! In my humble opinion this is wrong and the DELTREE entry should be deleted for theses reasons:

1- First, the most obvious one: the DELTREE command does NOT exist!
2- However, if the /S switch of DEL command deserves the creation of a new entry in the list, then the same criteria should be used to create a COPYTREE command because the /S switch of XCOPY!
3- And the same criteria could be used to create a series of new commands as synonyms of real commands that use a certain specific switch.

If you don't agree with this last point, then please explain me why the DEL command is so special that deserve such a treatment over all the rest of commands...
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Simon Sheppard
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Re: DELTREE is NOT a command!

Post by Simon Sheppard »

Hi Aacini

I have just updated the link. That should have been going to the deltree page here

Arguably it should be categorised under the How-to pages rather than in the main A-Z + categorized list but the reason I created that page is that there were SO MANY searches for it, I just figured give the people what they want!
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Re: DELTREE is NOT a command!

Post by Samir »

At one point I know there was an actual command called DELTREE. It was either in DOS 3.3+ or 4.0+, but I distinctly remember this command because it was a godsend since there was no /s for DEL back then.
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Re: DELTREE is NOT a command!

Post by qwerty »

It seems that the deltree command was added to MS-DOS in version 6.0: ... &q&f=false
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