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by Pranav
2023-Dec-28, 7:25 am
Forum: Windows PowerShell
Topic: runas when user has no password
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Re: runas when user has no password

Is there a way to execute the runas command ( from a current admin account ) on an account that has no defined password. Runas asks for the account password, and if left black, the command fails with RUNAS ERROR: Unable to acquire user password In a similar fashion , ssh in to such an account ? sam...
by Pranav
2023-Nov-30, 1:16 pm
Forum: Meta: Site Feedback / Forum Q&A
Topic: download link of NVSPBIND
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Re: download link of NVSPBIND

Simon Sheppard wrote: 2023-Jun-29, 5:17 pm Theres an archive copy here
Looks like the Hyper-V team have abandoned this though.
Hi friend
Why Hyper-V team have abandoned this though?Fm Whatsapp Download
by Pranav
2023-Nov-30, 9:18 am
Forum: General Tech News, Notes and Queries
Topic: Interesting short code snippets
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Re: Interesting short code snippets

I have a cool piece of C code to share with, you. This function does find the greatest common dividor using the well-known variant of Euclidean algorithm with division. The interesting thing is how it can be written using C while statement, conditional and assignment operators. int gcd (int a, int ...